Joshua I. Altman

Joshua Altman is a multimedia producer and digital storyteller in Washington D.C. He is a graduate of Georgetown University's M.A. program in Communication, Culture and Technology and The George Washington University with a double major in Journalism & Mass Communication and History, two areas in which Joshua always held a strong interest.

President Obama is now sharing center stage with the Clintons.

Five years after beating Hillary Clinton to the Democratic presidential nomination, there are arguably three presidents in town: Obama, Bill Clinton and perhaps the first female commander-in-chief.

The global civil rights icon who is being commemorated this week will always be “Dad” to the son who bears his name.

“We tossed the football in our front yard, we would ride bicycles, we would play baseball from time to time,” Martin Luther King III told The Hill. “In his suit and his shoes and his shirt, he would maybe loosen his tie and ... we just played.”


Heading into an election year, Democrats and Republicans are trying to figure out how to salvage their brands after a bruising 2013.

Recent glimmers of hope that the economy is gaining strength are both helping and hindering the prospects for President Obama’s second-term agenda.